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Why Franchise With Us?

Ermay Lending Corp. offers a perfect lending franchise package that serve the needs of all Filipinos who wish to obtain secure financial solutions. Aside from that, the main benefits that you can have in choosing to franchise with us are provided for you.

Low Risk ATM-Based Collection

At Ermay Lending Corp., we make payment equally easier for both our clients and our franchisees through our efficient ATM-based collection method.

Lean Two-Man Operations

Our manpower-lean operations differentiate us from other micro-lending businesses. All our operations can be done with just two personnel, making the franchise easier to manage.

Diverse Loan Products

We can serve a wider market thanks to the variety of loan products that we offer. Asides from salary loans, we offer seaman loans, small business loans, and pensioner loans.

Proprietary Technology

Ermay Lending Corp.’s proprietary software will help you to easily operate your own microlending franchise. No more hassles in loan computation and you can easily track loan performance, review client history and so much more.

About Franchising

What Do We do?

Ermay Lending Corp. helps empower everyday Filipinos by giving them access to the capital they need through our fast, hassle-free and accessible loan products. We help Filipinos achieve their goals with the variety of loan products that we offer.

Whether you’re a salaried employee or a seaman or a small business owner, Ermay Lending Corp. can help get the funding you need to achieve your dreams.

Who Do We Want?

We want to partner with the right people that are the best fit for Ermay Lending Corp., not just those with the necessary investment.

We are looking for the following franchisee:

  • Financially capable
  • Good networking and connection skills to your local community
  • Team player and team leader
  • Committed to Ermay Lending Corp.

Our Turnkey Package




    30 SQM


    • Commercial areas with high foot traffic
    • Near similar or complementary institutions like government offices such as SSS and GSIS and shipping offices
    • Areas adjacent to malls

About Salary Lending

Why Do Salary Lending?

Fast approval within 1-3 days
Minimal requirements to apply
Hassle-free and reasonable payment terms
One of the most popular types of loans availed by Filipinos
Salary loans are one of the most popular loan products availed in the SSS

How Does It Work?

Wait for approval Step 1

The client decides loan amount and loan term to apply

Submit forms and requirements Step 2

Client submits requirements and filled-up application form to our office

Talk to us Step 3

Upon submission, our loan officer will schedule an interview and conduct a background check of the client within 2 - 3 days

Receive the confirmation SMS Step 4

The client will be notified by call or SMS if approved or disapproved. If approved, they will get back to the office for signing of loan approval form and submission of their ATM for collateral

Approval of the application Step 5

Once all documents are signed, the client will finally receive their loan amount credit minus the processing fee, notarial fee, insurance fee, and documentary stamp tax

Potential Areas For Expansion Within Mindanao

note: The franchise is not only limited in mindanao and also available nationwide.

potential areas

Franchise Inquiry Form

Please send us your contact details to download inquiry form.